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The Governing Board

Our Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school office.

At St Peter’s we have a committed group of governors with a broad range of skills and experience of governance.


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Front (left to right)
Paul Thomas (Head Teacher)
Jane Speller (Chair and SEND governor)
Tim Crayford (Vice Chair)
Roger Hurrion (Safeguarding governor)

Back (left to right)
Tim Wand (co-opted governor)
Rachael Namiiro (clerk)
Anna Dinnen (parent governor)
Mark Ayres (parent governor)
Richard Plant (parent governor)
Sue Clarke (staff governor)

Governors Roles

Jane Speller (Chair) Parent Governor
Carol Kellas (Vice-chair) Co-opted Governor
Paul Thomas Head Teacher
Tim Allen Co-opted Governor
Mark Ayres Parent Governor
Matthew Buxton Staff Governor
Ashley Elsdon Co-opted Governor
Roger Hurrion Co-opted Governor
Richard Plant Parent Governor
Tim Wand Co-opted Govenor
Sam Sandle Associate Member (Deputy Head)
Caroline Barriball Associate Member (Deputy Head)
Karen Wanless Associate Member (Resource Committe only) (Finance Officer)
Simon Hooberman Clerk to the Governing Board

What do Governors do?

We work closely with the Headship team and staff to drive improvement in standards, ensure the safety and wellbeing of pupils and staff and deliver the best possible opportunities for every child to achieve their potential.


The School Improvement Plan is the backbone to the work we all do together.  Click here for a Summary of the School Improvement Priorities for 2016-17.


Our role is to provide a strategic overview, ensure accountability and constructively challenge and support how the school and its resources are managed.  We carefully monitor progress and attainment.  We agree targets, policies, priorities and budgets.


Governors’ meetings

The full Governing Body meets twice every term.

Detailed work is carried out by the two committees listed below, who report into the full Governing Body.

School Effectiveness Committee:

Governors: Tim Allen, Mark Ayres (Chair), Matthew Buxton, Ashley Elsdon, Carol Kellas, Jane Speller, Paul Thomas.

Associate Members: Caroline Barriball, Sam Sandle.

Resources Committee:

Governors: Roger Hurrion (Chair), Richard Plant, Jane Speller, Paul Thomas, Tim Wand.

Associate Members: Caroline Barriball, Sam Sandle, Karen Wanless.

Governors’ links with the school

Governors visit the school on a regular basis. Each governor is linked to a different aspect of school life, working with staff to ensure the best possible outcomes and most effective use of resources.


Curriculum – Matthew Buxton

Leadership and Management – Jane Speller

Monitoring and Assessment – Carol Kellas

PE Funding – Richard Plant

Pupil Premium & Sports Grants – Mark Ayres

SEND and Inclusion – Jane Speller

Teaching and Learning – Mark Ayres and Tim Wand


Getting involved

Please do get in touch with us if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions.  If you are interested in becoming a Governor we would love to hear from you.  We would encourage anyone with an interest to get in touch for an informal chat about how you can contribute your skills and experience to the Governing Board. Our meeting dates are published on the school calendar and the Chair and any of the Governors can be contacted via the school office email address admin@st-peters.croydon.sch.uk


For the Governors’ Register of Business and Personal Interests for 2015/16 please click here.


For the Governors’ Register of Business and Personal Interests for 2016/17 please click here.


Thank you.

Jane Speller

Chair of Governors