w/c 11/9/17 – Welcome back everybody!

Hello Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to another new year at St Peter’s.

Please make a note of these regular events for your child’s class.


Wednesdays – PE (inside) Homework due in

Thursdays – Homework out

Fridays – PE (outside)

Please ensure that your child:

  • has a correct PE kit in school at all times
  • reads every night and writes a dated comment detailing what was read
  • hands in their reading journal every day to be checked

We are hosting a coffee morning on Friday 22nd September at 9:00 in the staff room. Please drop by to see us about anything you would like to know about the upcoming year and to find out more about the curriculum requirements in Year 5.

You may have heard your child talk about a run that they are doing every day. This is part of a nationwide project to get children more active. There is a planned course around the school and every 4 laps completed is equal to 1 mile. We are tracking how many laps each child runs and wristbands will be issued for significant distances run.

Both classes have settled in to life in Year 5 wonderfully and we are sure that this year will be full of fulfilling educational experiences.

Thanks for your ongoing support,

The Year 5 Team