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Mrs Vercesi will be running her Art Club again this year.


The session on Mondays will be for children in Years 1 to 3 and Wednesdays sessions will be for Years 4&5.  Both sessions will run from 3.20-4.30pm.  There is a cost of £7.00 per session and the cost for this half term will be £35.00 (5 sessions). The places are limited to 10 pupils per class but if you do not get a place in the first half term Mrs Vercesi will put your name on her waiting list.


The classes will start the week beginning the 21st September and the form is available to download  below.  Once completed the form should be returned to the school office (with the exact money or cheque) enclosed in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and class clearly printed on the front.  There will be a small stock of forms kept in the office as well.  If you have any queries please email Mrs Vercesi directly at info@artella.co.uk.


Mrs Vercesi also holds art classes at home – for more information see her website www.artella.co.uk. Home classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Art Club Registration Form (Autumn Term 1 2015)