St Peter’s is a Values–based school

Values-based Education underpins the life and work of our school community; it promotes a way of being that values the self, others and the environment.  Research shows the positive effects on pupils, both socially and academically, when educators model and teach about universal, positive human values.  The purpose of adopting Values-based Education is to inspire our children to adopt positive values in their lives so that they can strive to be the best people that they can be and actively demonstrate these values in their daily lives, thereby helping to create a sustainable world.

We have 6 core values:  CARE RESPECT EMPATHY ASPIRATION TOLERANCE EQUALITY spelling the word CREATE- each core value has a set of sub values (as listed on page 1).  Every half term we focus on one of our core values and its sub values.  

‚ÄčEach new Value is launched in an assembly. This is then followed up in class; class assemblies and around the school.  Each half term's Value is highlighted on the school website and on the Week Ahead Newsletter so that families can continue the focus at home. Our Values are visible around the school as a constant reminder to us all.


The value for this half term is Aspiration.