This week

Dear Parents and Carers

This week in Year 5 


The children are producing some marvellous homework at the moment  and seem to be enjoying the menu choices which we are all very pleased about. (If you have any comment feedback forms will be going out next week.)

Homework books should be handed in on Wednesday’s so they can have them at home for the rest of the week to practise spellings and continue to add to their books. They are welcome to hand them in before this at any time they have completed a piece of work.  In addition to this, the children are allowed to decorate the covers with appropriate pictures of their choice. We’can then sticky back plastic them in school.

Logins are still proving to be a bit of a problem at the moment, but please bear with us we are aware of the issues the children are having and are trying our best to get them sorted as quickly as possible.

In the meantime if they would like to practise tables and maths skills SPELLING FRAME,  PENGUIN JUMP and POWERLINES are fun educational games that the children can access free on line. There are also many apps available to download for mobile devices.

Spelling test results were sent home so you can see how your child  is doing. If homework books are in school then they will be in the back of this book otherwise it will be in book bags for your perusal


We will be looking at the features of a newspaper and writing our own reports based on the Alex Rider story we have been reading. If you still take in newspapers it would be worth looking at them with your child to see if they can point out some of the features with you at home.


We will be looking at formal methods for addition and subtraction.

Art Project

This week Victoria Class will have the opportunity to work with the Coombe Wood Staff at our school on their art project Kings Cross enjoyed the session last week.

PE Kits  Just a quick reminder that PE is on Wednesday’s and Friday’s and the children need to have their kits in school on these days for lessons. We have a regular number of children who don’t seem to have kits in school. We’ll  continue to remind them from this end also.

Dates to note:

Thursday 18th October – Trip to The British Museum (letters sent hoe with details)

Friday 19th October  Last day of Autumn 1st half term.

Tuesday 6th November Parents Evenings

Wednesday 7th November Parents Evenings

Have a good week

The Year 5 Team