Happy New Year

Happy New year to Everyone.

A massive thank you to everyone for the all the lovely cards and  Christmas presents.

2019 is the start of a new year and new promises. We have decided to set ourselves personal promises that we know we can keep. An example of this is. . . “I want to know my six times tables by the end of the week .” To begin to achieve this target I will first need to practise for 15 mins daily. Then I will need to be able to recall theses quickly. etc.  Small steps to achieve our goals is what we want to be able to do. Additionally, giving ourselves realistic time frames is also important.

In English this term we will be learning about Ernest Shackleton which will be linked to our IPC topic over the spring term on weather.

In Maths we will be doing formal methods for multiplication and division.

PE Please remind the children to have their PE kits in school for PE on Wednesday and Friday for lessons.

The new homework timetable has been sent out by email along with a more comprehensive curriculum letter. If you have not received copies of either, please see class teachers or office for enquires.

Hope the year is a prosperous and healthy one.


Year 5 Team