w.C. 14.01.19

Year 6 Homework Due in: Wednesday 16th January 2019



Create a cover for your new Topic book by wrapping it in coloured paper or decorating the front (relating to WW2), the paper must not have writing or Christmas themes on it. If you would like help with this in-school, please let your teacher know. (We will provide you with a new name label at school on return if needed)



  • Complete the sheet based on angles and shape properties
  • Continue with Mathletics at home


  • Complete the WW2 rationing activity writing whether you agree or disagree with the statements and explaining why.



Read chapter 1 and 2 of your new reading book.


Learn the following 10 words.

You will also be tested on 10 random words from the year 5 and 6 spelling lists.


aggressive  hostile awkward obstinate  desperate frantic

disastrous  calamitous marvellous  spectacular