Week beginning 11th March 2019

Hi Everyone,

Pyjama World book day: The children spent a fantastic day reading writing and enjoying books. The whole school did  activities centred around the story ‘Where the wild things are‘ . The day began with time in year 3 making dens. Later the children from year one joined us for story sharing and quiet reading all over the  fairy lit classroom.  It was a wonderfully relaxed day, enjoyed by all.

Now just a quick note to let you know what we are up to this week.


The children are still learning how to convert fraction by finding the lowest common denominator (LCD). We will also be adding , subtracting and find the amount of a number using fractions as the operation.


We will continue to use the Poem ‘The Highway Man’ By Alfred Noyes as the stimulus for our writing. This week we are completing our newspaper reports and moving on to writing recounts.

Please note that PE will be outside for the rest of year 5 so the children will need to make sure that they have a suitable kit for the changeable weather.

Have a good week


The Year 5 Team