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Challenging times

As I have mentioned a few times recently, schools are facing a very challenging period managing an ever decreasing budget at the same time as continuing to raise standards and improve. Last year all schools in Croydon lost the equivalent of £200 per pupil to help pay for High Needs in Croydon and the same is likely again in April. For St Peter’s, this equates to £84,000 which, when added to rising costs of pensions, national insurance and less money coming in through pupil premium due to changes in the benefits system, we are looking at a short fall of over £100,000.

There are areas where we can easily ‘tighten our belts’ and make savings but no where near enough to ensure that we are solvent. The governors and school leaders are working very hard at the moment or putting together a plan to make savings that will have the least impact on our pupils education. We will keep you informed as and when any decisions are made. We have not yet had our proposed budget for April and so we can only hope its better news than expected!!

If any parents know of any funding streams or ideas for bringing more money in to the school besides the excellent work that the SPSA already do then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Sorry to be depressing so close to Christmas but it is very important that you are all aware of the current situation.


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