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Please check before making a judgement

School leaders have in the last week or so dealt with three incidents in a thorough and extremely fair way, parents have been informed and children appropriately dealt with. Unfortunately in all three cases children have gone home and told their parents a different version in the hope of not getting in trouble. The parents believed 100% of what their child has told them and made complaints to school with one parent accusing a senior leader of being ‘a liar’.

In each case we re-investigated and spoke to all involved again and not surprisingly we reached the same outcomes as before. Two of the three parents reacted afterwards in a totally appropriate and apologetic way. I have not heard from the third.

The reason for telling you this is that I would urge all parents to believe what their children say but before making any judgements or reaching any conclusions please come in and ask about the rest of the story that your child may or may not have told you. Incidents are not that common but a lot of time is often spent investigating, especially when we get different versions of events. We do also get to the truth on most occasions. In the cases above, a total of five hours was taken up, three of which was the follow up after they had initially been dealt with correctly.

Thank you to the vast majority of you that are incredibly sensible and deal with things in the correct way. That is very much appreciated.


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