Below are letters that have been sent to parents:

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Co Headteachers Newsletter (Whole School)

Sal's Shoes (Whole School)

New classes 2019/2020 (Years R-5)

Staffing for 2019/2020 (Years R-5)

Reception - London Grid for Learning (Reception)

Taekwondo taster sessions (Whole School)

Year 6 Fun Day (those children in Year 6 who will not be transferring to Coombe Wood School)

Sports Day Tuesday 18 June (Whole School)

Year 5 SRE (Year 5)

M&M Productions The Railway Children (Years 3-6)

Year 3 SRE (Year 3)

Year 1 Curriculum Letter Summer 2 (Year 1)

Heads Newsletter (Whole School)

Felden Lodge Final Letter - Waterloo Class

Felden Lodge Final Letter - Oxford Circus Class

Year 6 Swimming Next Half Term (Year 6)

Reception SRE (Reception)

Covent Garden trip to Pizza Express (Covent Garden)

Year 1 Phonics Screening (Year 1)

Year 5 Homework Menu (Year 5)

Year 5 Curriculum Letter (Year 5)

Year 6 SATS (Year 6)

Canada Water Pizza Express (Canada Water)

Year 6 Curriculum Letter (Year 6)

Year 1 Curriculum Letter (Year 1)

Operation Encompass (Whole School)

April Newsletter (Whole School)

Year 4 Visit to the Chocolate Factory (Year 4)

Year 3 Bake Sale (Year 3)

SPSA March Newsletter (Whole School)

Healthy Choices Workshop Monday 11 March (Whole School)

Year 6 Imperial War Museum Documentary (Year 6)

Scholastic Catalogue for World Book Day Orders (Whole School)

Red Nose Day 15 March (Whole School)

Packed Lunch Waste (Whole School)

Mrs Virani Leaving (London Bridge)

World Book Day Thursday 7 March (Whole School)

Reception Curriculum Letter - Spring 2 (Reception)

Year 1 Curriculum Letter - Spring 2 (Year 1)

Year 3 Trip to the Natural History Museum (Year 3)

Monitoring use of social media (KS2)

SPSA Glow Discos Friday 1 March (Whole School)

Healthy Choices Workshops 5 and 11 March (Whole School)

Year 4 Curriculum - Spring Term (Year 4)

Reading (Reception)

Year 6 Author Visit 11 Feb (Year 6)

January Newsletter (whole school)

Parents Maths Workshop (whole school)

Ranger Russ Visit Thurs 7 Feb (Years R, 1 and 2)

Year 5 & 6 Korfball Club (Year 5 and 6)

Young Voices Final Arrangements

School lunches/FSM (Whole School)

Reception Heights and Weights (Reception)

Reception Newsletter (Reception)

Year 1 Curriculum Letter - Spring 1 (Year 1)

Year 3 Curriculum Letter - Spring 1 (Year 3)

Children collected late at the end of the school day (Whole School)

Year 3 Swimming  Spring Term (Year 3)

Keeping Children Safe Online Parent Workshop (Whole School)

Year 5 Spring Term Homework Menu (Year 5)

Year 5 Curriculum Letter - Spring 1 (Year 5)

Year 6 Curriculum Letter - Spring 1 (Year 6)

Year 4 Soundstart (Year 4)

Reception Classes Christmas Notices (Reception)

SIMS Parent Lite App (Whole School)

Cinderella Pantomime (Whole School)

November Headship Newsletter (Whole School)

Junior Choir Events 2018 (junior choir)

Christmas Jumper Day (whole school)

500 Croydon Hampers Donation list (whole school)

Croydon Committment 500 Croydon Hampers Appeal (whole school)

SPSA Autumn Newsletter (Whole School)

Results of Parent Survey (Whole School)

Year 4 Felden Lodge Permission Slip & Information

Year 4 Felden Lodge Kit List

Year 6 Felden Lodge Permission Slip & Information

Year 6 Felden Lodge Kit List

Parents Maths Workshops (Whole School)

School Christmas Lunch (Whole School)

School Photographs (Whole School)

NSPCC Visit (Years 1-6)

Year 3 Curriculum Letter - Autumn 2 (Year 3)

Travelling Book Fair 26-30 November (Whole School)

Scholastic Book Club Orders (Whole School)

NSPCC Speak Out, Stay Safe Programme (Whole School)

Year 6 Trip to London Zoo (Year 6)

Year 2 Trip to Brooklands Museum (Year 2)

SPSA Christmas Fair collection timetable (Whole School)

SPSA Magic Shows (Whole School)

Year R Curriculum Overview - Autumn 2 (Year R)

Year 6 Curriculum Letter - Autumn 2 (Year 6)

Odd Socks Day Mon 12 November (Whole School)

Flu Immunisation (Years R-5)

Year 1 Curriculum Letter - Autumn 2 (Year 1)

Year 1 Trip to The Arc Animal Centre (Year 1)

Headship Team Newsletter (Whole School)

Year 4 Portals to the Past Egyptian Workshop (Year 4)

SeeSaw (whole school)

Purley Food Hub Harvest List 2018 (Whole School)

Harvest Festival (Whole School)

Year 5 Ancient Roman Experience Day (Year 5)

Year 5 Trip to the British Museum (Year 5)

Diary Dates for Autumn Term (Whole School)

SPSA AGM on 30 October (Whole School)

SPSA Magic Shows (Whole School)

Junior Choir singing at Mrs T's Memorial Service (Junior Choir)

Tapestry online learning journal (Reception)

Year 5 & 6 Gang Culture Presentation (Year 5 & 6)

Year 3 Tate Project (Year 3)

Year 5 & 6 Girls Netball Club (Year 5 & 6)

Headship Team Newsletter (Whole School)

Year 5 Coffee Afternoon (Year 5)

Cross Country (Years 1-6)

Behaviour (whole school)

Year 1 - Points from Coffee Afternoon (Year 1)

Year 1 Special Object (Year 1)

Year 3 Trip to Croham Hurst (Year 3)

Internet Safety (whole school)

Year 4 Coffee Afternoon (Year 4)

Year 6 Curriculum Letter - Autumn 1 (Year 6)

Year 6 Coffee Afternoon (Year 6)

Sports Clubs (Years 3 - 6)

Year 3 Curriculum Letter - Autumn 1 (Year 3)

Year 3 Cooking Fund (Year 3)

Junior Choir (Years 3-6)

Girls Football (Years 3-6)

Year 3 Stone Age Workshop (Year 3)

Year 5 Trip to Crofton Roman Villa (Year 5)

Year 2 Coffee Morning (Year 2)

Uniform requirements and standard of appearance (whole school)

Start of term reminders (whole school)

Year 1 Curriculum Letter - Autumn 1 (Year 1)

End of Term Headship Newsletter (whole school)