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St Peter's Primary School


Welcome to St. Peter's Primary School

Starting school 

If you are not sure when your child is due to start primary school, then you can use this handy calculator.

You can view our school prospectus here.

If you have been offered a place in Reception for your child to start in September 2024, you will be sent information about our admissions process by email as appropriate.  We will be holding a new parents meeting here at school on Wednesday 3 July at 6.15 pm, to which all our new parents are invited.

Admissions criteria and entry arrangements 

To find your nearest primary schools and measure the distance between your home and the school click here.

For information:

Furthest straight line distance for 2020 intake - 0.626 miles

Furthest straight line distance for 2021 intake - 1.052 miles

Furthest straight line distance for 2022 intake - 0.683 miles

Furthest straight line distance for 2023 intake - 2.694 miles


School Admission Appeals

Parents/carers wishing to lodge an appeal must send a written request for an Appeal Pack by email to:

Alternatively, written requests may be sent to:

Head of Admissions
Greenshaw Learning Trust
Oru Sutton
7 Throwley Way

Please ensure that you include the following information in all correspondence.

•    The name of the school for which you are appealing,

•    Student’s full name and date of birth,

•    Parent/Carer’s name, full postal address and contact telephone number.

Please note that the appeal form must be signed by the person with parental responsibility who made the application for a school place on behalf of the child.

Medical applications

If you are requesting priority of admission on medical grounds (see our ratified admissions criteria) you must complete this form and return it to the school along with supporting evidence from your GP or consultant. Applicants who request priority of admission on medical grounds to St Peter’s Primary School will not be advised of the outcome until after national offer day.

Admission outside of normal year group

Please read the information in the link above carefully if you are considering making an application for admission outside of their normal year group for your child. The advice for parents of summer born children in the link below may also be of interest.

Advice for parents of summer born children

Please read the information in the link above if you are considering delaying your child’s admission to school until the September after their fifth birthday.

In-year admisssions

To make an application for a place in any year group during the academic year (an in-year admission) click on the link below. Once an application for an in-year place has been made, children will be placed on their relevant year group waiting list according to our published admissions criteria. Our waiting lists are maintained by Croydon Council School Admissions. Children on waiting lists are ranked according to the priority they have under our published admissions criteria. Waiting lists do not operate on a 'first come, first served' basis; if new applicants have a higher priority, they will be ranked higher than those who have been on the list for some time.

Nursery places

We do not have a nursery attached to St Peter's Primary School. You can find out information about nurseries and pre-schools here.

You can also search for childcare providers such as childminders here.