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Year 4 Home Learning

Week Beginning 13 July 2020

Year 4 Distance Learning 13.07.20 

Tuesday - All about me

Tuesday - English Comprehension

Thursday - English


Week Beginning 6th July 2020

Year 4 Distance Learning 06.07.20

Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Monday comprehension

Tuesday English

Wednesday English

Thursday English

Word Search Black and White


Week Beginning 29 June 2020

Year 4 Distance Learning 29.06.20 -2

English (MONDAY) - Three Little Pigs

Monday Interpreting Charts

Handwriting Practice Sheet

Spelling wordsearch

Thursday Tenses

Friday Batman Story starter

Tuesday Maths table and bar chart

Wednesday Shapes


Week Beginning 22 June 2020

Year 4 Home Learning 22.06.20

Monday Healthy Eating Multiplication Tables and Division Facts Maths Mosaic Worksheets

Tuesday Healthy Eating Code Breaker Maths Activity Sheet

Wednesday Banana Muffins Recipe

Thursday Maths Mystery

Friday Healthy Eating Food Pyramid Writing Activity

Wednesday Comprehension

Word Search

Sports week recording form

Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Year 4 Home Learning 15.06.20

Monday Maths Adding fractions

Monday answers

Tuesday Maths Subtracting fractions

Tuesday answers

Wednesday Maths Fractions of a quantity

Wednesday answers

Thursday Maths

Thursday answers

Friday Maths Challenge

Friday answers

Times Tables Grid - Blank

Copy of A New Home - Refugees PowerPoint

Fathers day comprehensionpdf

Fathers day

Handwriting Practice - Cursive

Refugee Fact file pdf

Refugees A New Home Sheet

Spag mystery emoji

Spelling Wordsearch

Tuesday Spag test

Week Beginning 8th June 2020

Year 4 Distance Learning 08.06.20

English Monday Comprehension

English Monday Comprehension answers

Spelling handwriting

Spelling Word Search

Monday Maths Recognising tenths and hundredths

Monday Maths Recognising tenths answers

Tuesday equivalent fractions

Tuesday Equivalent fractions answers

Wednesday Equivalent fractions

Wednesday Equivalent fractions answers

Thursday Fractions greater than 1

Thursday Fractions greater than 1 answers

Friday Challenges

Friday Challenge answers

Week Beginning 1st June 2020

Year 4 Distance Learning 01.06.20 .docx

Tuesday Maths

Tuesday Maths answers

Wednesday Maths

Wednesday Maths answers

Thursday Maths

Thursday Maths answers

Friday Maths Challenge


Imperative Verbs Word Mat

My Book Review Frame KS2

Week Beginning 18th May 2020

Year 4 Distance Learning week 5.pdf

Maths Day 2 Dividing 2 digits

Maths Day 2 Answers

Maths Day 3 Dividing 3 digits

Maths Day 3 answers


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